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Welcome to Selenite Swords of Light 

What are Selenite Swords of Light, and how do they work?

Selenite Swords of Light are some of the highest vibration energy tools available to practitioners today, and handcrafted from pure selenite crystal. The swords carry a high frequency light energy that has the capability to clear the chakras, subtle bodies and activate the light body. The Swords of light bring in 5th dimensional divine light, love, grace and gratitude.

 You can tap into the quantum level of energy with these powerful Swords of Light. 

For a Japanese translation, Click Here.

What are the Crystaline Ankhs, and how do they work?

The most famous symbols of Ancient Egypt, This symbol represented magical protection. 

" The Ankh as it has been created in your reality by Tom Ledder is a near perfect representation of the universal matrix and template for the Ankhs sacred geometry and symbolism.  The Ankh is a regeneration device on all levels connecting with the perfect pattern and template for these corresponding levels.  The Ankh is a regeneration device linking into the divine perfect pattern of all things. Thus, its uses are unlimited” Master Thoth channeled through Deborah Shea

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“The opportunity to experience the power and magic of this light for your self is here.”

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 What Our Customers Say

Creates a deep internal sense of peace

“Holding the Archangel Michael Sword while meditating creates an enhanced light body around my physical body, blocking any foreign energies outside of myself.  I have two swords each has specific sacred ash tuned to our specific energy signatures and creates a deep internal sense of power and well being.”

–Steve, Boulder, CO

It serves to continually activate all the crystal energies present.

“The Archangel Michael Sword has presence on my altar. It serves to continually activate all the crystal energies present. I have used the sword to focus and energize and feel in the process a quickening and increasing awareness of the I AM. Blessings and gratitude.”

Bob, San Francisco, CA

The perfect healing tool.

“Invoking the Archangel Michael while passing the sword through my auras gives a sense of profound peace while connecting to creation and energizing my soul. It energizes my crystals, particularly the aquamarine and magnifies the power of my other sacred medicine objects. These swords are the perfect healing tool.”

David, Crestone, CO