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Crystalline Activation Devices

These are Crystalline Activation Devices created from the 420 plus Crystalline Alchemy Mixture. They are designed by Tom Ledder to broadcast and transmit 5th dimensional and above frequency.

The 420 plus Crystalline Alchemy Mixture is an incredible living library of information.

Each Crystal Tom has been guided to include has given up its form to become a Unified Crystalline Consciousness far more powerful than the sum of each individual Crystal. They can be used for yourself, your family and friends, for your clients and for your space.

They are connected to a divine intelligence and can assist you to more deeply connect with your own Divinity.

Their uses include:

  • For your home or treatment room, balancing and clearing of energy to create a more harmonious environment
  • Placed on chakra centers as a layout to balance and release energy.
  • In Crystal healing layouts with or without other Crystals
  • In conjunction with the Selenite Swords of Light they can be further activated by the Swords when used in grids altars and in crystal or chakra healing layouts
  • In Grids or Altars to anchor in required energy. Each device contains over 400 crystals so you can benefit from all the different crystal properties that are available.
    They are great for gridding your Computer or workspace!
  • For meditation, placed in your hands they are wonderful tools to assist you to come into Presence
  • Use them intuitively the more you use them, the more they will activate and work with you more powerfully.
  • They are unique, powerful devices created to empower and support You.

Crystalline Activation Devices - Assorted Designs (Small)

Crystalline Activation Devices - Assorted Designs (Small)

Price: $40.00
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Crystalline Activation Devices - Pyramid

Crystalline Activation Devices - Pyramid

Price: $65.00
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 What Our Customers Say

Creates a deep internal sense of peace

“Holding the Archangel Michael Sword while meditating creates an enhanced light body around my physical body, blocking any foreign energies outside of myself.  I have two swords each has specific sacred ash tuned to our specific energy signatures and creates a deep internal sense of power and well being.”

–Steve, Boulder, CO

It serves to continually activate all the crystal energies present.

“The Archangel Michael Sword has presence on my altar. It serves to continually activate all the crystal energies present. I have used the sword to focus and energize and feel in the process a quickening and increasing awareness of the I AM. Blessings and gratitude.”

Bob, San Francisco, CA

The perfect healing tool.

“Invoking the Archangel Michael while passing the sword through my auras gives a sense of profound peace while connecting to creation and energizing my soul. It energizes my crystals, particularly the aquamarine and magnifies the power of my other sacred medicine objects. These swords are the perfect healing tool.”

David, Crestone, CO