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Activated Sacred Mandala Cloths and Scarves

Activated Sacred Mandala Cloths and Scarves

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Activated Sacred Mandala Cloths and Scarves

These are absolutely stunning!

For your healing space, your treatment room, your Altar, your Sacred Space, as a wall hanging, to lay over your bed, to meditate beneath or simply wrap yourself up in. Pure Heaven!

It is like having a portable Temple with you.

Perfect to travel with, these carry a divine high frequency to transform any space you find yourself in.

They are personally activated by Maryke Love to support you in your beautiful life

They also make the most gorgeous Gift!

Created by the incredible visionary artist Jane Marin (Blue Angel Oracle Cards)

Please contact Maryke  directly if you live in Australia/NZ.

 What Our Customers Say

Creates a deep internal sense of peace

“Holding the Archangel Michael Sword while meditating creates an enhanced light body around my physical body, blocking any foreign energies outside of myself.  I have two swords each has specific sacred ash tuned to our specific energy signatures and creates a deep internal sense of power and well being.”

–Steve, Boulder, CO

It serves to continually activate all the crystal energies present.

“The Archangel Michael Sword has presence on my altar. It serves to continually activate all the crystal energies present. I have used the sword to focus and energize and feel in the process a quickening and increasing awareness of the I AM. Blessings and gratitude.”

Bob, San Francisco, CA

The perfect healing tool.

“Invoking the Archangel Michael while passing the sword through my auras gives a sense of profound peace while connecting to creation and energizing my soul. It energizes my crystals, particularly the aquamarine and magnifies the power of my other sacred medicine objects. These swords are the perfect healing tool.”

David, Crestone, CO