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Standard Selenite
Swords of Light

Custom Designed Selenite
Swords of Light

 Handmade Energy Tools
of the Finest Quality Selenite

“The opportunity to
experience the power
and magic of this light
for your self is here.”

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Selenite Swords of Light

Selenite Swords of Light are some of the highest vibration energy tools available to practitioners today, and hand crafted from pure selenite crystal. The swords carry the energy vibration of Archangel Michael, an inspiration to leaders and light workers, and help people open up to the the 5th dimensional light of the divine.

Selenite Swords can open you to the 5th dimensional light of the divine. You can tap into the quantum level of energy with these powerful Swords of Light.

For a Japanese translation, Click Here.
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Tom in Peru with 2 swords

This presentation describes the properties of the crystal Selenite. What are Selenites Swords of Light and how do they work?

Tom Ledder the developer of the swords of light is joined by Deborah Shea of www.lemurianlight.org in this presentation.

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Ultimate Selenite Sword - Katrina-Raphaell - 16 inch-
Ultimate Selenite Sword - Katrina-Raphaell - 16 inch-
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“For 3 years I had suffered excruciating pain in my nose and sinus and two months ago I had surgery to remove a bone spur that was pushing into my sinuses to correct a deviated septum and the pain never stopped. I had a healing with two swords working on the area at the same time that removed energetic blockages and I felt the internal structure of my nose change and I felt a vast opening in the nasal area, I could breath for the first time in years.  Plus there is no pain, I am so blessed and grateful for the selenite swords of light”
Heather, Rochester, NY

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