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Selenite Swords of Light the What and How

What the Selenite Swords of Light Can Do

  1. Works on any location in the Physical Body Systems
  2. Chakras System can be Cleared, Balanced and Activate (chakras can be upgraded to a Higher Geometrical Structure)
  3. Meridians can be Opened, Activated and Balanced (Can be used to install Mikio Sanky’s Esoteric Acupuncture Patterns)
  4. All Subtle Body System can be Cleared and Activate
  5. The Lattice System can be Balanced Cleared and Activate
  6. Negative Energy can be Cleared and Transformed into Positive Energy
  7. Magnification of Intent is greatly affected
  8. We can Access Higher Dimensions & The Multi Verse
  9. The Swords of Light can Activate Masters of the Seven Rays of Light
  10. Contact and work with Ascended Masters and Angelic Realm

 Alchemy of the Swords of Light (What makes them Work)

In the handle of the Selenite Sword there are Power Crystals (Over 425 crushed crystals) in the handle of each Sword  This Powerful Blend of proprietary crystals creates a potent alchemy. The Selenite Swords are the most potent and powerful energy tools available on the planet at this time.

Crystals: Apophyllite clear & green, Azezetulite, Alexandrite, Bloodstone, Herkimer Diamond, Moldavite, Phenacite, Turquoise, Lemurian root & seed crystals, Lemurian Jade, Golden Topaz, Fulgurite, Celestite, Chrysocolla, Cinnabar, Malachite , Astrophyllite, Citrine, Merlinite, Shungite, Shaligram, Alabaster, Black Tourmaline, black Jade Shungite and Sai Baba’s Vibhuti . 10 Volcanoes, 7 Meteorites also added crystals and minerals from the Temples of Egypt, Peru and Japan

SACRED WATERS are placed in a 1ml bottle of waters from 92 locations around the World; Ganges river in India, Lake  Manasarovar at Mt Kailash in Tibet, Peru’s Lake Titicaca, Tipon in Peru, Mother Mary’s Spring at Lourdes, France, Mt Shasta in California, Athabasca Glacier in Banff, Canada, Mt Fuji in Japan, Sacred springs of Ireland and Nile River of Egypt, Antarctica and the plant medicines of Peru

Around the handle are Over 500 PICTURES of ascended masters, angelic beings, sacred geometry forms, DNA activations and specialized symbols, Lemurian Tones, Mikio Sankey’s Esoteric Acupuncture patterns, Crop Circles, Keys of Enoch and Unicorns and many more powerful images

How do the Selenite Swords of Light Work

The Selenite Swords of Light are an Intention & Thought Activated Sacred Cosmic Computer providing access to multidimensional and multiverse Access to Portals, the Angelic Realms, Ascended Masters, Your Higher Self, the Crystaline Cities of Light and Cosmic Hierarchy. Our hands interact with the handle of the Sword of Light which is made of Copper (a powerful spiritual conductor). The hands, as we know give off Light, energy, sound and a magnetic field. These energies interact with all the crystals and Sacred Water and the energy from the pictures to create this powerful, potent and tangible light frequency. The swords are multidimensional non-linear tools which mean that the healing energy can be experienced at distance, in any place on the planet 

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“The opportunity to experience the power and magic of this light for yourself is here.”

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 What Our Customers Say

Zoom Workshops "Light Worker Training" I’m finding that the Swords are extremely useful and I brought them to the mediumship workshops and let students try them but also in a Channeling workshop for holding the space so that people can allow spirit to come through. So they really helps me hold space 

 Now I see how they’re going to work perfectly in clearing past life issues much faster than the 21 day process, this will be better much more effective, so I’m very happy to be taking this course . 

 Beth, Canada

 “This is my 2nd time doing the class and i can’t tell you just how much i’m enjoying it!”  Linda 

The Swords are part of my life now.. it’s really good!

People are loving the swords i’m working every week with them 

4th time returning participant 


It serves to continually activate all the crystal energies present. For the last 16 years i’ve been taking lots of different class and getting certifications ..figuring out how to make the transition from corporate to healing world. I’ve i’ve been working on trying to get all these puzzle pieces together for a while and with yesterday in this amazing class and these amazing Swords I am ready to STEP RIGHT OUT!!  Jane 

 “My friend had these Swords and I was immediately drawn to them.

This is my first class and I’m really impressed with how much i’ve learned and the power that i feel within them 

You two are fantastic to teach us all this way”  Sandra 

The perfect healing tool.First I would like to thank Tom because his craftsmanship is Amazing! Not only do these Sword look Beautiful but are very Powerful when used in Healing Sessions. I have been doing energetic healing work over 20 years and I must say the Selenite Sword is a Great addition to my healing practice. I  worked on a client during this one session and I felt this Very Loving Energy Come over me…I distinctly heard a telepathic voice in my head…it was a woman’s voice, which was very calming and soothing. The voice said she was Atlantis…I was very curious at this point and asked the voice through my own thoughts, “What is your Name?” The woman’s response was a playful laugh and she said “You don’t know who I am? Just look at your Sword!” At that moment it dawn on me that I was speaking to an ancient Egyptian Goddess!!! - Abdul  Wilkins