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Selenite Swords of Light Light Worker Training October 29, 30, 31

Location ZOOM, Workshop is open to anyone around the world!


Book Here: https://www.intofreedom.com.au/tom-ledder-selenite-swords-of-light 

Or Call Alison Clark-Daly at 0422-845-105



 You will be working with the MOST powerful tools on the planet with technologies channeled through Tom Ledder from ancient Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt and Avalon

 The workshop is experiential, you will have the opportunity to work 1 on 1 in Zoom breakout rooms and experience both giving and receiving. The Selenite Swords of Light are powerful non-linear multi-dimensional tools.  You will experience the energies of this work as if you were in the same location. 

 As part of registration you will receive

  • audio files of Tom leading you through the techniques
  • a booklet containing all the course information
  • a crystalline alchemy processing pendulum that you will learn how to use in the workshop

Over the 3 days you will experience

  •  Group Heart Activation with the Selenite Swords of Light
  • Understanding the Alchemy in the Selenite Swords of Light
  • Process to connect with your Selenite Swords including the More More More technique to broadcast more Light Love Grace and Gratitude into the environment
  • You will learn techniques to activate, clear and balance the chakras, meridians, and subtle bodies. Using sound to magnify the work with the Swords of Light.
  • Chakra Activation and Clearing will be done in groups of two in a ZOOM room and both partners will receive and give the activation.
  • Learn the powerful Light Body Activation process with the Selenite Swords of Light to bring in more light to the physical body. The Light Body Activation will be done in groups of two in a ZOOM room and both partners will receive and give the Light Body Activation.
  • Maryke will be teaching the heart-based skills and techniques to awaken your sacred vocal expression and Light Language
  • NEW process “Journey to the Throne of God” Tom will guide us through this powerful ascension process
  • Activation of Divine Feminine Energies to assist personal healing and the recalibration of the planet
  • Learn to use the Crystalline Magnet Processing Pendulum for Yes and No questions and removing non-beneficial energies from ourselves, our companies and projects.
  • Experience a practical application of transforming negative energy
  • Connect to the Chohan of the Seven Rays and receive their divine energies.
  • Maryke will be teaching the heart-based skills and techniques to awaken your sacred vocal expression and Light Language
  • Ankh and Selenite Sword of Light process using the first ever created Crystalline Ankh to work on bringing the Chakras to a higher geometric state, and transmute negative Karma. We will also be working on the activation of the Endocrine system and the organs of the body.
  • There will also be a Light Body Activation with the Newest Winged Isis Sword of Light
  • Maryke will also be sharing the Energies and Codes from her latest trips to the Sacred Mayan Lands and Crystal Water Temples Guatemala Sacred Lake Atitlan and Volcanoes and Hawai Dolphin Water Temples and Goddess Pele

   As you can see this is going to be an extremely important workshop for all lightworkers to attend. We need to bring our energy Matrix, and our ability to work inter-dimensionally to a higher level of love and grace, for the benefit of our life and for the planet. We will be working on elevating our chakras to a higher geometric function to assist in changing the world to a higher frequency and a higher light quotient.


  SWORDS are available to purchase online here on the website, then they will be sent to you in time to use in the workshop for USA purchases before 24th October


Contact Alison Clarke- Daly for Sword purchase if you are in Australia

0422 845 105

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