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Australian 2020 Tour Events

Please email the event organizers listed after each workshop in order to Register and reserve your spot   There is no pre-registration on this site.

Dates and locations and contact information:


Light Worker Training - Sydney - 2 day training:
11th and 12th OCTOBER, 2020  Avalon Beach 
Contact Kay Andrews – Phone 0416 123755 kay@kayandrews.com.au  

Light Worker Training - Mt. White - Sydney - 3 days:
16th- 17th- 18th October, 2020
Contact Belinda at 0421 244 254 or email Belinda Mort,  bmort@iinet.net.au 

Light Worker Training - Sydney - 2 day:
24th, 25th October, 2020
Contact Claudia at 0455974463 or email claudiaforward@me.com



Gold Coast, Light Worker Training - 3 days:

6th- 7th- 8th November, 2020

Contact Cameron Monley at 0414714948 or email to cameron@theinfiniteconnection.com.au


Melbourne, Light Worker Training - 3 days:

13th, 14th, 15th November, 2020

Contact Alison Clarke at 61422845195 or email to  alison@intofreedom.com.au 

Sunshine Coast, Light Worker Training - 3 days:

27th, 28th, 29th November 2020

Contact Laura Di Mambro at 0400673563 or email to laura@consciouslifeevents.com.au

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