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Jesus turns water into wine with his magic wand

Jesus Using a Magic Rod or Wand to Perform Miracles

William Henry has written that the images of a shorthaired, beardless Jesus using a magic rod or wand to perform miracles are in several books, including Cloak of the Illuminati. For example, in this 5th century portrayal shown on the right Jesus is turning water into wine with a magic wand at the wedding in Cana. A woman, possibly Mary Magdalene, stands beside him. It was a Hebrew custom in Jesus' time that the groom provided the wine at wedding feasts. 

If this woman at Domme is Mary Magdalene, it is possible that the wand likely belonged to Jesus. It would suggest that Mary Magdalene could have brought his technology to France with her after Jesus death.  We do not know what the wand was made of that Jesus used. 

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